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Essential Chocolate Shops in NYC Right Now

By Travel Savvy

Everyone knows that chocolate is good for you! Doctors and nutritionists say that the components in this sweet treat can lower stress, elevate mood, and even help keep your heart healthy. On top of that, gifting friends and loved ones a box of cocoa creations is always a good idea for any holiday, all year round -- from Valentine's Day to Easter, Mother's Day to Thanksgiving. In New York City, chocolatiers from near and far have brought their talent to the Big Apple, and that means that locals and tourists alike can pop in and indulge their cravings every day of the week! Check out our favorite NYC chocolate shops here.


Mariebelle 1

Photo Credit: Mariebelle

MarieBelle New York

484 Broome Street

Monday-Thursday and Sunday 11AM-7PM; Friday-Saturday 11AM-8PM


MarieBelle, the original Cacao Bar on Broome Street that made us all realize our love for thick, European-style hot chocolate, is a local institution! Owner and CEO Maribel Lieberman launched her brand in 2000, and has taken her iconic little blue-and-brown boxes to Tokyo,  Dubai, and beyond. Pop in for a taste of one of her colorful chocolate bonbons, or stay for a light lunch at the tiny cafe tucked in the rear of the shop.


Jacques Torres Chocolate 2

Photo Credit: Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate

350 Hudson Street

Monday-Friday 8:30AM-7PM; Saturday 9AM-7PM; Sunday 10:30AM-7PM


Master Pastry Chef Jacques Torres is known in the New York City culinary world as "Mr. Chocolate," and it only takes a visit to his flagship Chocolate Factory in SoHo ot understand why. The rich aroma wafting from around the corner draws people in, where patrons are first treated to a feast for the eyes! Behold, chocolates piled high on every surface!

Pop into this decadent chocolate shop for indulgences including chocolate truffles, flavored chocolate bars, and seasonal gifts including whimsical Easter bunnies and some of the most decadent chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies we've ever had.

Need another reason to pop into this Hudson Square / Soho location? Out of the brand's eight different locations in the city, this particular shop is a Travel Savvy 'top pick' due to the Choco-Story Museum, the niche attraction that Monsieur Torres has recenlty launched, dedicated to the history of chocolate. Guests can immerse themselves into a chocolate journey that begins 3,500 years ago in Central America, tasting samples and sipping Mayan hot chocolate along the way.

L'atelier du Chocolat 3

Photo Credit: L'atelier du Chocolat

L'atelier du chocolat

59 West 22nd Street

Monday- Saturday 10AM-7PM; Closed Sundays


A wise woman once said, "If you can't find love, at least find chocolate." It's a good thing that Master Chocolatier Eric Girerd found his way from his native France to Manhattan so many years ago, in order to help out the locals. His tiny shoebox-sized storefront in the Chelsea neighborhood beckons you with a window display of bite-sized beauties, each offering just the right balance of rich chocolate mixed with exotic flavorings like curry, ginger, and lemongrass.  

Girerd is also the Vice President of the U.S. Chapter of L’Academie Culinaire de France, working with brilliant artisans, producers, and experts to help the industry at large keep abreast of cutting-edge of food technology and excellence. So, this also means that you can expect nothing but culinary genius in every bite of everything that Eric makes! Insider's Tip: Jersey City residents get to visit the L'atelier du Chocolat factory and cafe on their side of the Hudson River, just across from the Grove Street PATH station.

Raaka 4

Photo Credit: Raaka


64 Seabring Street, Brooklyn

Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM; Saturday-Sunday 11AM-6PM


Red Hook has become the cool Brooklyn cousin that you want to hang out with because she's got a divine sense of style and always knows the best places. That's why you should hop on the G train and head to our newest obsession, Raaka Chocolate Factory. Founders Ryan Cheney and Nate Hodge process their small-batch cacao on-site, into flavorful and complex chocolate bars that showcase the bean's origin and terrior, a process that may take weeks and with exquisite results. Tours and classes are also offered; check their site for details.

Supreme Chocolatier 5

Photo Credit: Supreme Chocolatier

Supreme Chocolatier

1150 South Ave, Staten Island

Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30; Saturday 9AM-1PM; Sunday 12PM-1AM


Saten Island locals have it easy when it comes to satisfying a craving for sweets; since 1911, Supreme Chocolatier has served as the place to go for chocolates, confections, and sweets. Kids ages 0 to 99 will love dropping in tand roaming the aisles, filled floor to ceiling with colorful boxes of everything from pecan turtles and clusters to mints; chocolate-covered dried fruits and nougat to foil-wrapped candies. No oompa loompas were present when we visited... perhaps you'll spot one on your next visit1

Cacao Prieto 6

Photo Credit: Cacao Prieto

Cacao Preito

 218 Conover St, Brooklyn

Monday-Friday 9AM-7PM

Saturday-Sunday 11AM-7PM


Yet another reason to head out to Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood is to treat yourself to an organic bar of single origin chocolate at Cacao Prieto, made from beans grown in the Dominican Republic that are roasted, ground, and transformed in-house. Along with the outstanding edibles, the production line turns out bottles of white rum and cacao liqueur — both made with oils released during the chocolate-making process. 



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