Essential Chocolate Shops in NYC Right Now

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Dark, milk, or white, who doesn't love chocolate? Check this list of our favorite chocolate hotspots in NYC.

  • Mariebelle
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate
  • L'atelier du Chocolat
  • Raaka

Everyone knows that chocolate is good for you! Doctors and nutritionists say that the components in this sweet treat can lower stress, elevate mood, and even help keep your heart healthy. On top of that, gifting friends and loved ones a box of cocoa creations is always a good idea for any holiday, all year round -- from Valentine's Day to Easter, Mother's Day to Thanksgiving. In New York City, chocolatiers from near and far have brought their talent to the Big Apple, and that means that locals and tourists alike can pop in and indulge their cravings every day of the week! Check out our favorite NYC chocolate shops here.


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