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Best Desserts in Pittsburgh

By Elaine Khodzhayan

Pittsburgh's Best Sweets

Whether you live in Pittsburgh, or plan on visiting soon, these are the best desserts around the city. From Oakmont to Oakland, find out where to get the best cake, doughnut, macaron, and candy from Pittsburgh food (mostly desserts) instagrammer Elaine Khodzhayan (@andachocolatedrizzle).

Oakmont Bakery Pittsburgh PA 1

Photo Credit: @alysa235 | Instagram

Oakmont Bakery

531 Allegheny Avenue

Oakmont, PA 15139


After living in Pittsburgh for almost a year and a half, I finally made my way to this popular spot. Of course, as soon as I got there I kicked myself for not making a visit sooner. Now, the busy lines serve as proof of the popularity of this awesome bakery, but the seemingly endless glass displays of confectionary goodies – doughnuts, cupcakes, bread, pies, you name it, they got it – are all that it takes to draw you in for a treat or two. I ended up getting a jelly filled patzki, which is a Polish dessert similar to a doughnut, and immediately regretted not getting two. Granted, it was the size of my head and filled as can be with sweet raspberry filling, but a definite must for a delicious sugar rush.

Prantls Bakery Pittsburgh PA 2

Photo Credit: @trottinroundtown | Instagram

Prantl's Bakery

5525 Walnut Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Now, how could I move to Pittsburgh without researching its food hot-spots first? When I started my search, the first article I came across was this one from The Huffington Post, naming Prantl’s Bakery the home of America’s greatest cake. Of course, reading that the Burnt Almond Torte was free from chocolate, I was a little skeptical. Before my first trip home for a long weekend in September, I stopped by the shop to pick up a Torte, and simultaneously grabbed a mini version of the cake because I knew I wouldn’t be able to withstand the drive without at least taking a bite. And let me tell you…it was divine. The cake itself is incredibly rich and buttery and the thin slivers of almonds all around give it the essential crispy texture that you need to balance out something so luxurious.

Peace Love and Little Donuts 3

Photo Credit: @peaceloveandlittledonuts | Instagram

Peace Love and Little Donuts

118 Meyran Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA


My heart belongs to doughnuts – fried, baked, glazed, powdered, filled, sprinkled, I’m not choosy…even to the point that my 20th birthday ‘cake’ consisted of two dozen donuts from this shop stacked upon each other. PLLD has a location in the heart of Oakland, right in the midst of the University of Pittsburgh, so as you can imagine, it’s a spot that draws attention from college students and on. You can feel the groovy vibes as soon as you open the door – from the music that’s playing to the bright colors on the walls to the tie dye t-shirts the employees are donning.

Gaby et Jules macarons 4

Photo Credit: @andachocolatedrizzle

Gaby et Jules

5837 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


With all the hype over macarons, I knew that if I wanted to try one, I had to do it right. So, I hopped on a bus and made my way to Squirrel Hill to this authentic little spot. As soon as I set foot in the door, I felt like I was transported to the heart of Paris. The smell of chocolate and fresh bread filled the air, and I was greeted with an enthusiastic, “Bonjour!” from the employee at the register. The detailed pastries with glossy sheens were too beautiful to ignore, so I ended up with a small chocolate cake with a fancy name as well as a set of 6 macarons – not to mention, the flavors were so fun and varied. My favorite ended up being an Earl Grey macaron, but they are always coming up with new and interesting flavors.

Sinful Sweets Pittsburgh chocolate covered cherries 5

Photo Credit: @sinfulsweetspgh | Instagram

Sinful Sweets

901 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


This place has to be the closest thing to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory that resides in our reality. When you walk in you see rows upon rows of chocolatey treats – candies, melts, and more. Then, when you walk towards the back, you get a glimpse of the collection of ice cream flavors you can pick and choose from for a hand spun milkshake...and yes, you can mix the flavors. When I went with two of my best gals, we each got a milkshake with fun flavors – I opted for a combination of apple pie and cinnamon roll, and it took me right to my favorite season.  


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