5 Best Restaurants in Baton Rouge

Meal Overpass Merchant restaurant in Baton Rouge Louisiana

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Our staff traveled down to Louisiana to learn more about the local fishing, food, and more! Today, famous foodie Jay Ducote lists out his favorite Baton Rouge restaurants...

  • Louisiana shrimp tacos at Goûter
  • Meal Overpass Merchant restaurant in Baton Rouge Louisiana
  • Bloody Mary at Mason's Grill in Baton Rogue Louisiana
  • Pork Spring Rolls at City Pork Bar in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Not too long ago, Travel Savvy staffers traveled down to Louisiana to learn about all the things to do in the area -- from fishing to kayaking to exploring the local restaurants. Luckily, during our stay, we received some great dining recommendations from none other than Jay Ducote, whose recommendations have been featured everywhere from The Huffington Post and LouisianaTravel.com to his own Louisiana foodie blog, aptly titled Bite and Booze.

Jay Ducote contributes monthly columns and recipes to Louisiana Cookin' Magazine and Good Grit on top of being published in Town Favorites Magazine, Country Roads Magazine, Menuism.com, The Huffington Post, The Southern Coterie, Offbeat Magazine, Louisiana Kitchen & Culture, 225 Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine, The Local Palate, The Advocate, LouisianaTravel.com, and Delta Style Magazine to name a few. Today, we're adding Travel Savvy to the list! 

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