Famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Turkey Balloon in NYC
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Thanksgiving Parades Around the U.S.

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Prior to feasting on turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with your extended family, you'll need to burn off a few calories. The best way to spend Thanksgiving Day (at least the morning) is supporting your local community at a good old fashion parade. From marching bands to giant balloon characters to decadent floats throwing candy to the masses, Thanksgiving Day parades around the United States are a festive place to kick off the holiday season and celebrate US history while gawking at the immense amount of effort that goes into these national processions.

Lucky for you, we rounded up our favorite parade pictures on Instagram from last Thanksgiving Day so you can get a preview of which cities to hit up on the big day. Before feasts with your family and Black Friday shopping, don't forget to check out these amazing Thanksgiving Day Parades happening around the US! 

Chicago McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2015 1

Photo Credit: @zouhairlhaloui | Instagram

Tiny Dancers

Every parade has the quintessential cheerleaders and baton-twirlers, but at least these uniforms at the 2015 Chicago McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade have a hint of Thanksgiving flair. 

Care Bear Balloon at Chicago McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade 2

Photo Credit: @allergictohome | Instagram

Care Bear Balloons

Photo: @allergictohome

Another cute snap from the 2015 Chicago McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade, this irresistible Care Bear cutie made for one popular Instagram post.

Pikachu Pokemon Balloons Macy's Thanksgiving Parade NYC 3

Photo Credit: @jeanboileau | Instagram

Pikachu Pokemon Balloons

Photo: @jeanboileau


While we expect the New York City's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to travel the more traditional route, this Pikachu balloon shows this city can cater to 90's kids nostalgia like the best of 'em. 

Tasmanian Devil Balloon Character Philadelphia Thanksgiving 4

Photo Credit: @katepeyton | Instagram

Tasmanian Devil

Photo: @katepeyton

When a Looney Toons character makes an appearance at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, Instagram notices! 

Ball of Yarn Thanksgiving Day Parade Houston Texas Instagram 5

Photo Credit: @maripazarguello_photography

Ball of Yarn

It may look silly, but this ball of yarn was the hit of the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade. After all, when the weather is warm in Texas, what better item to represent the coming of fall than a cozy ball of festive colors? 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Parade Balloon 6

Photo Credit: @philly_galore77

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Modeled after the Rudolph puppet in the famous Rankin-Bass stop-motion animation rendition of Rudolph, this reindeer balloon has been a classic highlight of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade for years.

Charlie Brown Float at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC 7

Photo Credit: @_nessa_lee__

Charlie Brown

Photo: @_nessa_lee__

If we didn't finish this list off with a classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving parade float, we wouldn't be doing our American Thanksgiving duty. 


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