The 2016 Supermoon over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
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Stunning Supermoon Pics from Around the Globe

By Travel Savvy

What is a "supermoon," you ask? For those of you who skipped 5th grade science class one too many times, don't fret: A "supermoon" is simply a full moon that occurs when the Earth's moon is at its closest to our planet. According to Slate, because our moon orbits on an ellipsis, this year's supermoon is technically the closet (re: biggest, brightest!) supermoon we've had the pleasure of seeing in decades! 

Without further ado, check out how Instagrammers from around the globe managed to capture this ethereal sight in these perfect, wanderlust-worthy photographs.

Cyclist Andreu Lacondeguy and the Supermoon 2016 in Spain 1

Photo Credit: @danielcielodecanarias | Redbull

Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish competitive freelance mountain biker Andreu Lacondeguy (of RedBull Rampage winning fame) was recently snapped mid-practice by photographer Daniel López. Little did he know the supermoon had his back during the jump! 

The 2016 Supermoon over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 2

Photo Credit: @ilhan1077

Schwangau, Germany

Photo: @ilhan1077

Somewhere near the historic Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany, Turkish travel photographer ?lhan Ero?lu managed to capture this breaktaking photograph of the supermoon shining bright down upon a storybook village. Lucky for us, he even posted it on Instagram for us to enjoy. 

Supermoon 2016 over interstate 290 in Chicago Illinois 3

Photo Credit: @mldsphotography

Chicago, Illinois

Anyone who has ever driven through Chicago knows how tedious sitting around on I-290 can be. Thankfully, on the evening of the 2016 Supermoon, these Chi-town drivers had a much more enjoyable commmute. 

2016 Supermoon over Bay Bridge in San Francisco California 4

Photo Credit: @davidyuweb

San Francisco, California

Photo: @davidyuweb

Even if you have already visited San Francisco and driven over the Bay Bridge, there's no way the sight of the Supermoon could not take your breath away. 

2016 Supermoon sets behind Greenpeace Esperanza in Edinburgh 5

Photo Credit: @greenpeace

Granton, Edinburgh, UK

Spanish for "hope," Esperanza is the largest vessel Greenpeace's extensive fleet. Recently, the charity posted on Instagram this stunning snap of the supermoon setting behind the bow of the ship in the early hours of the morning in Edinburgh.

2016 Supermoon at Boston College Chestnut Hill Massachusetts 6

Photo Credit: @pauline.liu + @bostoncollege

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Just a hop and skip away from New England's prestigious Boston College lies the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which is already a sight worth seeing during any east coast sunset. But, throw in a gorgeous glowing moon that is closer to planet Earth than it has been in decades? Now that's one Instagram-worthy pic!

2016 Supermoon over South Bank Big Ben London England 7

Photo Credit: @izkiz

South Bank, London, England

Photo: @izkiz

Who doesn't love a good Big Ben Instagram? The 2016 supermoon's appearance over London's South Bank district truly looks like a etheral celestial body like none other. 

2016 Supermoon over Braga Portugal 8

Photo Credit: @rimamarti

Braga, Portugal

Photo: @rimamarti

Photographer Ricardo Costa recently Instagrammed the Sameiro Sanctuary, located in the north of Portugal, with the 2016 supermoon thrown in for scale! (Talk about giant celestial bodies!) 


Photo Credit: @p.veraphan

Bangkok, Thailand

Photo: @p.veraphan

We love this gorgeous view of the 2016 supermoon overlooking Bangkok. Here at Travel Savvy, we're huge fans of Thailand, so don't forget to check out our Bangkok Travel Guide here!


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