Sunset over the manhattan skyline in NYC
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Best Sunset Pictures on Instagram

By Travel Savvy

Travel Savvy's Favorite Sunset Photos on Instagram

The typical travel sunset photo-op happens on a white sand beach in hawaii, and don't get us wrong, those can be great. But today, we rounded up the most-striking sunset pictures from around the globe. (You might be surprised which cities and destinations made the list!) 

Sunset in Wadi Rum Jordan 1

Photo Credit: @gibsterg | Instagram

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Photo: @gibsterg

This Instagram post comes all the way from Jordan, inside the protected desert of Wadi Rum. Whether you wish to drive through or see this sight via hot air balloon, this photo makes it clear Jordan should be a stop on your bucket list. 

Sunset on the streets of Berlin Germany 2

Photo Credit: @jn | Instagram

Berlin, Germany

Who ever said the best sunsets happened on the beach? We think this street scene from Berlin, Germany is worthy of wanderlust just the same. 

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya, Turkey 3

Photo Credit: @izkiz | Instagram

Antalya, Turkey

Photo: @izkiz

This sunset view from a porch in Antalya, Turkey is the perfect place to take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunset in Venice California 4

Photo Credit: @venice_sunsets | Instagram

Venice, California

There really is nothing like cycling by the perfect view of a pacific coast sunset. From the palm trees to the wide open road, we love this picture from Venice, California, for showing off the best of the greater Los Angeles area.

Sunset in Columbia River Gorge in Oregon 5

Photo Credit: @robybabcock | Instagram

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Photo: @robybabcock


Looking at Instagram posts like this makes us thankful for U.S. national parks. If you're ever in Oregon, we think Columbia River Gorge is a must-visit. 

Sunset over the Manhattan skyline in New York City 6

Photo Credit: @johnnyyonkers | Instagram

New York, NY

In NYC, "magic hour" refers to that special time when the sun is still setting but the lights are all on, allowing the the World Trade Center and the rest of the Manhattan skyline to perfectly contrast one colorful east coast sunset.  (Tip: If you look hard enough, you'll spot the Statue of Liberty, too!)

Sunset over the Paris, France skyline 7

Photo Credit: @wonguy974 | Instagram

Outside of Paris, France

Photo: @wonguy974

Some views of the famous Eiffel tower don't have to be up-close to be seriously striking. We love all the beauty Paris has to offer, but this photo certainly says it all. 

Sunset over Tyrrhenian Sea in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy 8

Photo Credit: @angelinenyc | Instagram

Cefalù, Italy

Photo: @angelinenyc

One of our very own Travel Savvy staff snapped this picturesque view of a sunset over the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Cefalu in Palmero, Sicily, Italy. Thanks to this Instagram post, we now know where our next vacation destination should be. 


If you want to see even more amazing sunsets from around the globe, be sure to head over to the Travel Savvy Instagram to your daily dose of wanderlust! 


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