Best St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in the US

St. Patrick's Day

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Looking for a place to party? Check out this list of award-winning festivals, parades, parties and more in honor of St. Patrick's Day, all taking place right here in the USA.

  • Boston St. Patrick's Day
  • St. Practice Day Revelers
  • Chicago's Green River
  • Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade

Look out folks, Spring is in the air, and so is St. Patrick’s Day! This year, we’re passing out unofficial awards to the following US cities for hosting the most worthwhile parades in honor of Old St. Pat’s.

From the largest parades to the oldest traditions, these cities know how to have a rolickin’ good time. Whether you're Irish by blood or via beer, these gradiose celebrations will have you saying, "Slainte" in no time!

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