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Craziest Bloody Marys: The Best of the US

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Aah, Bloody Marys. While it seems the origin of this classic is as cloudy as drunken memories of the night before, the brunch staple has certainly made a name for itself as the perfect addition to any Sunday. What started as a simple drink of vodka and tomato juice has evolved into so much more, namely an across-the-nation game of "Who Can Put The Craziest Things On Top Of A Cocktail?" From doughnuts to fried chicken and everything in between, our great nation has some insane Bloody Marys. These out-of-this-world concoctions should do the trick to have you headed on your way to taste them all. 

Bloody Mary 1

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The Bloody Masterpiece

Sobelman's Pub and Grill

1601 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Monday - Saturday11:00AM - 10:00PM; Sunday 10:00AM - 9:00PM

The Bloody Masterpiece is perfect for those who prefer to take the easy route when it comes time to order brunch. Just ask for this "drink," and you'll be served a whole meal along with it. It's not lazy, it's efficient! The classic Bloody Mary base is garnished with just a few favorites, including shrimp, Polish sausage, cheese, pickled asparagus, Brussels sprouts and stalks of celery. There's a tiny bacon cheeseburger thrown in for good measure, too. 

Bloody Mary 2

Photo Credit: Atlanta Magazine

The Bloody Best

The Nook

1144 Piedmont Ave, NE Atlanta, GA 30309

Monday - Wednesday 11:00AM - 12:00AM; Thursday - Friday 11:00AM - 1:00AM; Saturday 10:00AM - 1:00AM; Sunday 10:00AM - 12:00AM 

Sip this Bloody out of a special straw...that's made of beef. That fact alone should be enough to elicit a trip to Hot-lanta, but if you still need convincing, the drink also comes with steak, a hard-boiled egg, tater tots, toast, jalapeños and pepperoncinis. 

Bloody Mary 3

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F*ck Brunch

Anvil Pub

1424 Westheimer Rd. Ste. B. Houston, TX 77006

Monday - Sunday 4:00PM - 2:00AM

Piled high atop this savory cocktail is a bacon cheeseburger slider, hot dog, onion ring, cocktail shrimp, cheese and more. In case you're still thirsty, wash the entire concoction down with a PBR, served alongside. 

Bloody Mary 4

Photo Credit: Sunda Chicago

Sumo Mary

Sunda Chicago 

110 W. Illinois, Chicago, IL 60654

Monday - Wednesday 11:30AM - 11:00PM; Thursday - Friday 11:30AM - 12:00AM; Saturday 10:30AM - 12:00AM; Sunday 10:30AM - 11:00PM 

If you think of huge, overstuffed men in thongs when you hear the word "sumo," you're on the right track with this one. Well, the huge and overstuffed part, at least. Served in a stout mason jar, this spin on the classic comes filled-to-the-brim with plenty of sustenance like grilled cheese, steamed duck, crab, pork belly, applewood bacon, and of course, Chinese broccoli, because you can't forget to eat your greens. 

Bloody Mary 5

Photo Credit: Chef Point Cafe

Bloody Best

Chef Point Cafe

5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148

Monday - Thursday 11:00AM - 9:00PM; Friday 11:00AM - 10:00PM; Saturday 11:00AM - 10:00PM; Sunday 10:00AM - 9:00PM 

The owners of this upscale Cafe have been drawing dedicated locals to their eatery, located inside a working gas station, because of the gourmet food and the epic "Bloody Best" Mary. On top of a double Bloody Mary, you'll find a perfectly cooked all-beef slider, the Chef's "Better Than Sex Fried Chicken," waffle fries, shrimp, and olives - plus a 16-ounce draft beer. 

Bloody Mary 6

Photo Credit: Bloody Mary Tourist

Hail Mary

Star Bar

600 West 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Monday 4:00PM - 12:00AM; Tuesday - Wednesday 4:00PM - 2:00AM; Thursday 3:00PM - 2:00AM; Friday 1:00PM - 2:00AM; Saturday 2:00PM - 2:00AM; Sunday 2:00PM - 10:00PM 

There's a reason Texas is dominating the list as the most represented state: Everything's bigger in Texas, and the Hail Mary is no exception. This monster of a drink is exclusively served on weekends and only 12 are made per day, unless you call ahead to "reserve" yours. If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to experience this creation, make sure your stomach is empty. Along with the classics you'd expect, you'll get a Honey Bun, a full-size cheeseburger, chicken nuggets and powdered mini donuts. Seriously, every liquid brunch should include doughnuts and deep fried food, right? 


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