How to Access the Internet in Cuba

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For the first time in over half a century, Americans can finally visit the island nation of Cuba! As ‘en vogue’ as it is to head over to this beautiful country, there is one catch most Americans will have trouble stomaching: the lack of internet connection.

Cuba’s government regulates access to the internet, so visiting will be especially tricky when you hail from a place where everyone is glued to a screen at any given moment.

While we recommend preparing ahead of time for your trip by printing out all your tickets and itineraries before take off (as finding a fully-functioning computer with access to the internet and a printer will be hard to do,) we understand the urge to check your email at least a few times while you’re away.

According to an extensive Business Insider investigation, you can purchase a Nauta WiFi card  at your hotel, at an official ETSECA office (located near most hotspots), or through vendors selling them on the street. Simply scratch the backs off these cards, connect to the nearest WiFi network, and enter the revealing login information to gain access.

Your only other two options are internet cafes and one of the 237 paid WiFi hotspots scattered throughout Havana. Of course, if you’re enjoying a vacation in an unplugged destination, you might consider just giving into the zen, and enjoy the days without push notifications and distractions!

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