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The Latest Travel Industry News

From luxury hotel packages to new cheap flights around the globe, we've got the inside scoop on travel industry news: 

  • Book your ticket to Hawaii on Virgin America from San Francisco (SFO) and check out the Dominican Republic's newest all inclusive resort, The Gansevoort Hotel's Playa Imbert Resort.
  • Dedicated to luxury accommodations, The Gansevoort Hotel has created a high-end "Get Indulged" package. This exclusive vacation deal covers everything, starting with a VIP escort to navigate customs and baggage collections, transfers from Puerto Plata airport, and coordinate luxury reservations. Stylish combinations.
  • Virgin America has just announced two new Hawaii destinations. Known for their excellent service, the airline is offering a direct one-way flight to Hawaii for $199. This deal is only being offered for a limited time, so check Virgin America's site for details.

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