Backpacking in Asia? Visa-Free Travel Coming Soon!

Backpacking in Asia? Visa-Free Travel Coming Soon! will begin shortly.

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Visa-free travel is coming to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)!

Recently, Skift reported that the 10 member nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are hoping to copy Europe’s visa-free travel model by adopting a single-visa policy for the region and improved "Open Skies agreements" with airlines.

With tourism on the rise across the region, these countries are looking to market the region as one destination rather than 10 separate destinations, and a common visa policy will help.  The ASEAN nations are as follows: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei.

The growth of low-cost carriers in the region, such as Jetstar and Tiger Airways, have made travel even more accessible to travelers who previously could not afford to go to more than one destination at a time, which means that tourism opportunities have expanded exponentially for each of the countries.

So, when will this happen? Experts say as soon as 2018! Instead of the popular backpacking trip across Europe, millennials and other budget travelers will now be able to hike across these 10 cities with just one visa.  Of course, more demand in the region means that flight and hotel prices are expected to rise throughout the next year, so book now!

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