The Latest Museum To Hit Hong Kong's Vibrant Cultural Scene

The Latest Museum To Hit Hong Kong's Vibrant Cultural Scene will begin shortly.

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Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural Center Will Welcome the M+ Museum in 2019!

A major government-funded cultural center, the M+ museum, is slated to launch in 2019 and be the crown jewel of the newly developed West Kowloon Cultural Center, a designated arts hub on approximately 100 acres of land that juts into Victoria Harbour.  

This new cultural center will be shaped like an inverted T, with Museum galleries along the horizontal portion of the building, and a 17-floor skyscraper that will rise up, and house offices, a members’ lounge and restaurants. According to the West Kowloon Cultural Center website, "A cornerstone of the ambitious West Kowloon Cultural District Project, M+ is Hong Kong’s new museum for visual culture, encompassing 20th and 21st - century art, design and architecture, and moving image from Hong Kong, China, Asia and beyond."

Also planned for the district is the development of a major Chinese opera house as well as the Hong Kong Palace Museum, with treasures from China’s Forbidden City.

Historically, leisure travelers to Hong Kong have flocked here in search of food, shopping, and nightlife, but with these newest developments at West Kowloon Cultural Center, soon this city will take its places as one of the foremost destinations for those looking to be immersed in the Asian cultural arts!

We'll bring you more news of these exciting developments about Hong Kong's arts and culture as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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