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Take a Vintage Car Tour

After the doors to Cuba were flung wide open in 2014, Americans traveling through the streets of Havana, Cienfuegos, and beyond were stunned to discover that the entire country has been cruising ‘round town in some seriously mint classics. You’ll be able to spot--and ride in--everything from a vintage Ford Fairlane or a beautiful ‘59 Caddy Convertible, to a completely restored 50’s Chevy Bel Air. Many of these automotive beauties are actually cabs, so hail one to get you from the hotel down to the beach, or else hire a professional tour guide and local to drive you around town and explain the sights.  

Over the past year, travelers have been heading down to Cuba in steadily increasing numbers -- with no slow-down in sight. In fact, tourists flocked to this gorgeous Caribbean island in record numbers: Cuba’s tourism board reports that the island saw 4 million visitors in 2016!

And why not? With untouched beaches, authentic cuisine, a lively music and dance culture, friendly locals...there are endless reasons why traveling to Cuba should be on everyone’s list for where to go next.

Book your flight to Cuba now to see this gorgeous country in living color, and in the meantime, check out our list of things to explore when you get there.


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