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Introducing Austria's Own "Smart Hotel: - The Schani Wien!

In today’s high-tech age, business travel doesn’t have to be a bore. Opened in Vienna just 2 years ago, the uber-hip smart hotel Schani Wien is firmly one step ahead of today's business travel trends, implementing everything from a smart co-working space, an array of high-tech amenities, and a seriously underrated continental breakfast! Guests can choose their exact room online, pay in bitcoins, and use their smartphone as a room key. The hotel hosts presentations by industry leaders and manages a calendar full of networking events. With all these top-notch amenities and services, the Schani Wien aims to be the perfect overlap of high-tech luxury and professionalism.  And since the property is located right near the main Vienna train station, it’s in a perfect location for both leisure and business travelers.

We think the crown jewel of Hotel Schani Wien remains its Wohnzimmer, the hotel’s “living room,” designed to be an innovative and inspiring co-working space. According to CNN’s interview with the hotel’s CEO Benedikt Komarek, the hotel pays homage to Viennese coffee houses of centuries past, historically renown for bringing artists and other great thinkers together to exchange ideas in a cozy environment. To top it off, guests also have the option to set up online profiles and introduce themselves to fellow visiting professionals prior to check-in.

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