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Game of Throne's Magic in Northern Ireland

By Travel Savvy

Now that Bran won the #GameofThrones, Drogon has left, and Ayra has literally sailed into the sunset, GoT fans are pining for a little more satisfaction. (We miss seasons 1-6!) What wiil we all do with our Sunday night?

Travel-loving fans of the show may be planning their next adventure to a place that will satisfy their craving for a bit of ‘Thrones magic. Many of the show's most iconic locations are found in Northern Ireland, so without a doubt this scenic destination is the perfect place for a Fall getaway.

Ready to relive the best of GoT? Head to Northern Ireland and add these show-inspired sights to your itinerary.


Dark Hedges

The spooky road to King’s Landing is actually an avenue lined with beech trees named Bregagh Road, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Of course you’ll want to head to Dark Hedges for the ‘Gram, but there’s also several companies offering official guided tours of this and other filming locations. A quick google search can help, or else consult the official tourism site for the region, here.


Dunluce Castle

Ireland has an such an overabundance of castles that you can make your entire trip about the country's ancient structures and their rich histories.

Since you’re already in Northern Ireland, make time for this one, which was also featured on Game of Thrones as House Greyjoy. Built in the early 1500s, the castle’s dramatic location--at the edge of a steep cliff above the crashing sea--adds to its extraordinary charm. The interior is in ruins and not restored; visitors can walk through the sprawling grounds to view artifacts and exhibits, or hike down to visit a small cave accessed at the bottom of the cliffs called Mermaid’s Cave. Visiting hours are 9:30AM -5:00PM.


Giant’s Causeway via the Causeway Coastal Route

Hop in the rental car and journey up the Causeway from Belfast, pull over a bunch and take in the breathtaking views, visit castles and ancient wonders. Check out this perfect day trip on the official Tourism Ireland site.

Perhaps the biggest reason to take this scenic route is to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site Giant’s Causeway, a natural wonder made up of around 40,000 basalt columns that stick out of the sea. The entire structure seems other worldly! While local legends say that these columns were made by giants so they would walk across to Scotland, these structures are proof of volcanic eruptions that happened many millions of years ago. Truly a sight!


Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey Tour

We’re pretty sure Irish Whiskey was served in the Seven Kingdoms--and surely Bushmill’s was the official distiller since it’s been around forever. Operating since 1609, Bushmill’s is the oldest licensed distillery in the country. Stop in for an informative lesson on how their different whiskies are made. Families are allowed to attend with children however children must be over the age of 8. 


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