northern lights from Iceland
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Favorite Instagram Pics of Northern Lights

By Travel Savvy

The Earth's natural lightshow took center stage on social media this month.

As BBC News pointed out, the aurora borealis (a.k.a. the northern lights) occurs "thanks to the Earth being in the path of the solar wind - a stream of charged particles escaping from the Sun" and that the "aurora appears when particles interact with the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere." These auroras occur at both the North and South poles during the winter months.

We have gone through Instagram to find our favorite pictures from Alaska, Norway, and Iceland.

northern lights in Iceland 1

Photo Credit: @arnarkristjans_photography

Arnar Kristjansson


Arnar Kristjansson; Photographer



northern lights in Edmonton Canada 2

Photo Credit: @splitsecondsnapshot

Mark Jinks

Elk Island National Park

Alberta, Canada

Mark Jinks; Artist


northern lights from norway 3

Photo Credit: @tommyeliassen

Tommy Eliassen

Namsos, Norway

Tommy Eliassen; Landscape/Astrophotographer

northern lights in Iceland 4

Photo Credit: @lucabeniniphotography

Luca Benini

Jökulsarlón, Iceland

Luca Benini; Photographer


Northern Lights in Iceland 5

Photo Credit: @jennaleepics

Jenna Lee


Jenna Lee; Photographer

Northern Lights from Canada 6

Photo Credit: @davemarkelphoto

Dave Markel


Dave Markel; Photographer

Northern Lights from Hancock Michigan 7

Photo Credit: @goofyguuse


Hancock, Michigan


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