Disneyland Paris Plans a MAJOR Upgrade With Frozen, Black Panther, and More!

Disneyland Paris Plans a MAJOR Upgrade With Frozen, Black Panther, and More! will begin shortly.

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The Walt Disney Company has announced a two billion euro investment to expand its French theme park Disneyland Paris!

This big upgrade, which will be rolled out in phases beginning 2021, includes plans for three new themed areas based on Marvel superheroes as well as the Frozen and Star Wars movies.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said that a Black Panther ride is likely in the works for the company's theme park division, so perhaps visitors to Disneyland Paris will also be able to experience Wakanda too!

Disneyland Paris is Europe's most visited theme park, and has attracted over three hundred and twenty million visitors since 1992, representing over 6% of France's tourism income.

The property offers 7 hotels with a combined 5,800 bedrooms, along with 2 convention centres and a Disney-themed golf complex. To help run the attraction, the park employs 16,000 people, including 15,000 cast members.

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