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Five Top Gifts for the Travel-Obsessed Man

By Travel Savvy

We recently posted a Gift Guide For Travel-Obsessed Women, so we think it’s time to shop for the male traveler too. After all, men are just as particular about what they throw in the duffle before a trip. If you’re shopping for a man who loves travel, check out these Five Unique Gifts for the Travel-Obsessed Man, below, which are perfect for Father’s Day, Christmas, and every occasion in-between.


PetCube 1

Photo Credit: PetCube

PetCube for the Pet Dad

Pet owners now have a way to keep an eye on, and interact with, their four-legged family members while traveling. Petcube, the HD pet camera allows you to "see, talk and play with your pet when you can't be there". This technological wonder also includes motion sensors that alert you to log into your smartphone app so you can keep a close eye on your fur babies.

To buy:, $200


Smart Rope by Tangram 2

Photo Credit: Smart Rope By Tangram

Tangram for the Fitness Dude

To serious fitness fanatics, traveling is not an excuse to miss a workout. However, it just takes an overscheduled day to put a damper on the workout plans. We're fans of portable exercise equipment, like this lightweight Tangram Factory LED Jump Rope that counts jumps and syncs to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to help you exercise smarter. Need another reason to pack this in the carry-on? Studies have shown that just 10 minutes of jumping rope could be equivalent to 30 minutes of running in terms of health benefits.

To buy:, $80


Minipresso 3

Photo Credit: Minipresso | Crate & Barrel

Minipresso for the Caffeine Loving Guy

If you're a coffee enthusiast, then you know how important it is to have your cup of coffee in the morning. But traveling can make your daily routine difficult and pricey. The Minipresso Hand Espresso Maker conveniently fits in your luggage, includes a cup, and makes a cuppa joe in minutes! All you need is hot water and grounds and you're all set.

To buy:, $60

Sitpack 4

Photo Credit: Sitpack

Sitpack For The Guy That Needs To Take a Load Off

Take a seat, literally--by packing this Sitpack portable chair! No larger than a 500 ml can of beer and constructed of ultra-strong polycarbonate that can hold up to 220 lbs, the Sitpack is perfect for watching sports events on the sidelines, queuing up for concert tickets, or waiting out a long layover at the airport terminal.

To buy:, $60.39


Scrub Wash Bag 5

Photo Credit: Scrubba

Scrubba For The Light Packer

An especially handy item for any camper or traveler who wants to maintain a fresh wardrobe is the Scrubba Wash Bag, a pocket sized washing machine that, according to the website, can "achieve a machine quality wash in six steps." Bonus to packing your own Scrubba: you'll pack less since you'll be able to clean re-wear items in your luggage.

To buy:, $55



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