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Unusual NYC Museums

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With residents from different walks of life, New York City piles on interesting stories and artifacts that give a unique history. Whether it’s troll dolls, old subway cars or morbid anatomy findings, New York houses fascinating unconventional museums that you do not want to miss.

The Troll Museum 1

Photo Credit: The Troll Museum

The Troll Museum

124 Orchard Street, Manhattan

(212) 560-7235

The troll dolls fad swept the nation during the 1960’s, 1970’s and again in the 1990’s with their colorful hair, cute faces and “magnetism for good luck.” In the Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Reverend Jen started a museum dedicated to all things trolls in her apartment. You’ll find limited-edition dolls such as the rock 'n' roll Elvis troll and one that is supposedly haunted. All except for two trolls found online have made their way to Reverend Jen and she’ll be happy to tell a story for each of them. Visits are by appointment only so call ahead of time.  

The City Reliquary 2

Photo Credit: The City Reliquary

The City Reliquary

370 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

Thursday through Sunday 12PM-6PM

Opened Thursday through Sunday, this Williamsburg exhibition hall houses only-in-New York trinkets and findings. Their permanent collection includes pieces from the New York’s World Fair of 1939, baseball memorabilia and limited edition Statue of Liberty souvenirs. The Brooklyn attraction's rotating collections have featured New York pizza box art, the evolution of the parking meter and art on vinyl record canvases. There’s always something quirky in store and most items in rotating exhibitions are for sale!

Conjuring Arts Research Center 3

Photo Credit: Conjuring Arts Research Center

Conjuring Arts Research Center

W 30th Street

(By Appointment Only)

Looking to impress your guests with some nifty card tricks? At the Conjuring Arts and Research Center, there is a collection of over 11,000 magic books: ventriloquism, hypnosis, psychic phenomenon, deceptive gambling mentalism, you name it. Read about magic masters sharing their tricks, history and traditions of performing arts from the 15th century to present time.

New York Transit Museum 4

Photo Credit: New York Transit Museum

New York Transit Museum

Tuesday- Friday 10AM-4PM; Saturday- Sunday 11AM-5PM 

Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street

Located inside a decommissioned subway tunnel in downtown Brooklyn, New York Transit Museum takes guests to the beginning of time… well, the beginning of the New York City subway, that is. Enter vintage train cars from 1904 to see what it was like to be a straphanger back in the day. Afterwards, follow the evolution of the MTA and New York’s subway transportation with interactive exhibits and historic displays.


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