A Surfer's Guide to Ventura County Coast

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Surfing is a year-round activity in Ventura County West, CA with temperatures in the 70's and 80's.

With world-class beaches as far as the eye can see, we asked some top local surfers where they bring their surfboards and how they unwind afterwards. 

Like what you see? Wish you could be there? Then click here to go to VenturaCountyWest.com to plan your visit.

  • Phil Graves, of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia, fell in love with surfing when he moved to Ventura. He starting learning the sport at Mondo Beach, a great location for beginners. When he's not working, and probably during work hours as well, he and his co-workers head to Surfers Point & C Street. You can even check how high the waves are breaking via a live webcam.
  • Mary Osbourne, who was born and raised in Ventura, is a local entrepreneur and international legend who teaches surfing classes and organizes surf retreats via her company, Mary Osborne Surf Camps and Escapes. She also heads out to Surfers Point whenever she can to ride the big wave that runs north and south. You can enjoy a view of the Ventura Pier while you ride some right-handers. 
  • When she's done hanging ten, Osbourne has her own secret spot for massive amounts of great food. By the Pacific Coast Highway is Faria Beach Cafe, which provides excellent post-surf grub like burritos and breakfast sandwiches along with views of the Channel Islands. The Ventura County Reporter named their burger the best by the sea.
  • Another location Osbourne raves about is Solimar Beach. It's where she lives! Along with the great breaks, beautiful beach houses and epic views, you take your dog for a walk along the rocks. It's one of the few places in California you can do so.
  • While we know surfers take care of their bodies, they need to get some suds into their system now and then. One of their go-to spots is the Surf Brewery on Market Street. The first micro-brewery in Ventura names all their beers after beaches and surfing terms like their Mondo's Blonde Ale, County Line Rye Pale Ale and Wahine Grapefruit Wheat. Check their twitter feed to see what local food trucks are serving during your visit.
  • Avid surfer and Patagonia wetsuit developer Andrew Reinhart enjoy knocking back a few at the recently opened Topa Topa Brewing Co. Their motto is "Good vibes, great beers!" Gnarly, dude! Grab a Chief Peak IPA or Gadabout Oatmeal Stout and catch up with your buds. 
  • Before you get a beer, head next door to the Ventura Surf Shop to pick up a board by Campbell Bros., Roberts Surfboards or Wayne Rich.
  • On Main Street in Ventura is the Wet Sand Surf Shop. This family-run business will get you suited up with surf gear and warm weather clothes to have you looking your best when you ride the waves.
  • After you bought your board and swimsuit, you can head to Rincon Beach in Carpinteria to show off your skills. World class surfers head here to ride the top-rated waves. Spectators can just sit back on sands and watch the best surfers around, then walk the coast for an unforgettable sunset. 

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