LA Luxe: Top Nail Salons To Get Your Digits Done

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Check out the 3 Best Nail Salons in LA, book your next appointment, and get pampered. These Luxe Nail Salons will treat you like a million bucks!

  • Jeweled Nails
  • Mars The Salon
  • Inside Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique

Let's face it: Getting your nails done at the salon has become commonplace. Sometimes you're in a hurry and just want your hands to look chip-free for about a week before you have to sit for another polish job. Other times, a brag-worthy mani is exactly what you're looking for, performed in an oasis of complete serenity.

Here are three luxurious nail salons that'll make you feel like royalty while a professional technician files your fingers with laser accuracy and applies color like the pro she is. Get clipped, buffed, and polished and walk out feeling like a million bucks! 

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