Best Tea Time Locations in London

Tea time treats

Why not feel like a local in London and enjoy one of the most popular things in British culture- tea time! Check out our list of our favorite tea time locations in London

  • Bake-a-boo Tea Parlor
  • Orange Pekoe Tea and Flower Petals
  • Le Chandelier's black tea

Every afternoon between the hours of 12pm and 6pm you may find that just about everyone in England takes a break to unwind and enjoy a nice steamy cup of tea. However this was not always the case as modern times have made tea time last through longer intervals throughout the day.

This tea craze originally swept the nation in the 16th Century during the reign of Charles II. Tea was introduced to Europe by the Chinese who favored the drink for belief in its medicinal qualities, often blending flowers and herbs for added relief. Over time tea blossomed from being the preferred drink of high society to a nationwide daily diversion.

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