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Chicago's Haunted Sites

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On a cold winter night in 1934, Mary Bregovy went out dancing with a young beau at Oh Henry Ballroom. As the moon shone high and the hour grew late, the couple got into a heated argument and Mary angrily stormed out of the dance hall. Unfortunately though, she never made it home and instead became the victim of a gruesome hit-and-run accident along a dark road. Local legend maintains that the young woman’s ghost haunts the area to this day, dancing in her flowy white dress or hitchhiking along the surrounding highway.

Want to know more about ghostly haunts in Chicago? We’ve gathered four places where you can commune with the dead while you’re in town. For more on Mary click here.

Congress Plaza Hotel 1

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Congress Plaza Hotel

520 S Michigan Ave

The Congress is known among locals as the most haunted hotel in town. While the hotel management isn’t keen on ghost hunters showing up without a reservation, you can certainly book a stay in any of the over 800 rooms and see for yourself. Look for ghosts like Karel Langer in the hallways, or just read up on the place if you don’t want to experience the haunt first hand. You’ll at least enjoy the luxurious rooms and excellent service, even if you don’t happen upon any spirits.

Newspaper Article 2

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Corpse Alley

24 W Randolph St

In the early 1900's there was a doomed playhouse located at the front of this alley, the famed Iroquois Theater. It burned down during a holiday show in 1903, while hundreds of children and their families watched a Vaudeville act on-stage. By the end of the devastating tragedy, firefighters and volunteers had pulled over 600 victims’ bodies out into the alley.  It is said that on certain nights, you can hear the faint cries of these poor souls wailing in the night. Want to see more? Sign up for a tour with Chicago Hauntings.

Article about Resurrection Mary 3

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Resurrection Cemetery

Dancing ghost Mary Bregovy is said to haunt this Illinois cemetery. Over the years, reports have surfaced of a beautifully dressed, blonde haired, blue eyed woman hitchhiking nearby. When drivers pass she disappears before their eyes. Curious? Venture by on a cold night and keep your eyes peeled for poor Mary.

Red Lion Pub 4

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The Red Lion

2446 North Lincoln Ave

First established in 1882, this pub is recognized as one of the most haunted bars in Chicago. Patrons have reported seeing apparitions of a bearded man, a lonely woman named Sharon, and others. It is believed that paranormal action is frequent when the bar is less crowded. Today, the updated and refurbished 3-floor bar is a warm English pub where locals gather for good food, extensive beer menu, and great service. Certainly try standards like the fish & chips, and perhaps you’ll see a bar guest from another dimension.

Weird Chicago 5

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Want more to explore more of Chicago's haunted sites?

Check out tour offerings from Chicago Hauntings or Weird Chicago.


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