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Unique Nashville: Things To Do In Music City Besides Music

By Travel Savvy

Country music is the first thing that pops into most of our heads when we think of Nashville. After all, this is where you'll find the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry--it's not called "Music City" for nothing! Once you've booked your ticket, you might want to plan some non-music related activities to truly appreciate all there is to do in Nashville. From flavors to beer to history, here are four things that makes the capital of Tennessee an excellent destination for every traveler.

Prince's Hot Chicken 1

Photo Credit: Prince's Hot Chicken

Eat: Prince's Hot Chicken

123 Ewing Drive

Tuesday-Thursday 11:30AM-10PM, Friday 11:30AM-4AM, Saturday 2PM-4AM

Aside from music, this town is known for a delightfully spicy version of fried chicken, called 'hot chicken'. In the 30's, local womanizer Thorton Prince came home to one of his several girlfriends, who in turn was not happy about Thorton's easy loving ways. One night, this particular girlfriend decided to get revenge by tricking him into eating a helping of his favorite meal--fried chicken. Only this time, she covered it in the spiciest ingredients she could find. Her plan backfired; Prince loved the dish so much that he opened Prince's Hot Chicken, and the rest as they say, is history. Take the advice of locals, and try the medium if you want to actually feel your tongue afterward. Cash only.

If you're looking to do some dining comparison, hit up Hattie B’s, Pepperfire and Bolton’s. Want to plan ahead? Come down for the Music City Hot Chicken Festival every July 4th.

Yazoo Brewing 2

Photo Credit: YazooBrew Instagram | pc: @two_pints_please

Drink: Yazoo Brewing Company

910 Division St

Wed-Thurs 3-9, Fri 2-9, Sat 11am-9pm

Now that you’ve discovered hot chicken, you might wish to wash it down with an ice cold beer! Like much of the country, Nashville is currently going through a beer renaissance, with dozens of new craft breweries popping up everywhere. Hit up old favorites like Blackstone Brewing Co., or opt for newcomers such as such as the female-owned Jackalope Brewery or Yazoo (pictured) -- which makes an excellent Pale Ale. 

Plan ahead by booking in late May or early June to attend the annual “Brew at the Zoo" event.

Nashville's Parthenon 3

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

See: Nashville's Parthenon

2500 West End Ave

Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-4:30PM, Sunday 12:30-4:30PM

Of all the things you can do in Nashville, one of the quirkiest is to visit the full-scale replica of the Athen's Parthenon. Built in 1897, the Nashville Parthenon is the centerpiece of Centennial Park, a sprawling 132-acre urban recreation destination. Even more unique is that inside the Parthenon is a towering statue of the goddess Athena. The 42-foot tall gilded goddess is officially the "tallest indoor statue in the US."

Hatch Show Print Tour 4

Photo Credit: Hatch Show Print

Visit: Hatch Show Print

224 S 5th Ave

Monday-Friday 9:30AM-5PM

One of the best places to get a glimpse of Nashville's unique history is at the Hatch Show Print. Opened in 1879 by the Hatch brothers, this local letterpress print shop produced marketing materials and posters for a variety of clients ranging from politicians to famous musicians to local businesses. In the decades since, ownership has changed hands a few times, but the quality, workmanship, and unmatched excellence of letterpress artwork remains. These days, Hatch Show Print not only still produces letterpress artwork, but also houses an art gallery showcasing their work throughout the years, as well as a classroom and design studio dedicated to keeping the art of letterpress alive. Visit the gallery for a look at their historic posters and artwork and see how Nashville came to be known as Music City, and also how the shifting lifestyles and times shaped this southern city. 


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