Gateway to Arizona: Chandler's Unique Lifestyle

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As the population in Chandler, Arizona continues to grow, entrepreneurs from around the globe have gathered together to create a community full of opportunities for businesses small and large. This unique city offers an excellent work-life balance to its residents that lends a high level of desirability to the area.

Above, watch as we sit down with Brina Kaiser, Product Marketing Manager of Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing platform for small businesses, to learn why Chandler is an idyllic place to not only visit, but live.

The Infusionsoft offices -- which boast open workspaces, a cereal bar, “dream rooms,’ and a company football field to boot -- showcase how Chandler is quickly becoming the country’s second, albeit more family-oriented, Silicon Valley.

Whether you’re a business owner or family looking to put down roots, or just a group of travelers looking to explore adventurous and urban activities in the same city, Chandler seems to offer something to just about everyone.

To learn about more things to do in this Sonoran city, visit our friends at and check out our recommended videos below!

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