Five Favorite Diners in San Francisco

Lori's Diner

Photo Credit: Lori's Diner

Looking to get some all-American grub in the "City By The Bay"? Here’s a list of the Top 5 Best Diners in San Francisco!

  • It's Tops Coffee Shop
  • Just For You Cafe
  • Eddie's Cafe
  • St. Francis Fountain

It can be argued that there is nothing more quintessentially American than the diner. From dusk til dawn, in every city across the country, you'll find satisfaction when you slide into a vinyl booth and tuck into a plate of flapjacks or a stuffed omelette...maybe a BLT or a juicy burger. Afterall, classics never go out of style, and -- let's face it ---the "fast casual" dining concept is perfect for every situation.

As one of the best foodie destinations on the West Coast, San Francisco knows how to serve it up, at these Top Five Diners of San Francisco.

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