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Say Cheers! Exploring Downtown Kansas City's Bars

By Travel Savvy

Did you know that Kansas City famously ignored prohibition in the 1920's, leading to the rise of boozy bars across the downtown area? Yep, the city that is famous for jazz clubs built its repution back then as a place where corruption ruled; the local political boss, Tom Pendergast, set the tone by thumbing his nose at the Volstead Act.  Today, visitors and locals know that DTKS offers plenty of options for those seeking adult refreshment after sunset. From movie theaters to arcades, we've rounded up some of the most interactive venues to enjoy drinks and entertainment!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema 1

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

How often do you get to drink at the movies? The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema not only has six screens for new release movies, family and independent films, but it also has an extensive list of draft beers, bottled beers and cocktails that you can drink while watching the big screen. The theater also has a strict "no talking during the movie" policy, but it's thrown out the window when they host "Quote Along" events where guests are invited to yell--or sing--out their favorite lines.  

Green Lady Lounge 2

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Green Lady Lounge

1809 Grand Blvd

Open Sunday through Friday 4:00PM - 3:00AM; Saturday 2:00PM - 3:00AM

In keeping with Kansas City's musical traditions, the Green Lady Lounge features live performances by some of the best Jazz artists every night of the week. With velvet red walls, vintage oil paintings and a staff dressed to the nines, the nostalgic atmosphere makes you feel like you're stepping into a retro cocktail lounge. While performers are set up in the middle of guest seating on the main level stage, the stage in the lower level of the lounge - called the Orion Room - is set up like a traditional theater. To see the list of performances, click here.

Up-Down KC 3

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Up-Down KC

101 Southwest Blvd

Open Sunday 11:00AM - 12:00AM; Monday through Friday 3:00PM - 1:00AM; Saturday 11:00AM - 1:00AM

Adults ages 21 and up are invited to get in touch with their inner child at Up-Down KC. You'll find more than 50 arcade games from the '80s and '90s, pinball machines, classic skee-ball alleys, and more. Check your couch cushions and rental car floor for quarters; each game costs 25 cents! After you beat your friends in a game of life-size jenga, you can head over to the bar and order from their list of over 50 different beers as well as '80s and '90s inspired cocktails.

Buckets of Booze 4

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon

1334 Grand Blvd

Open Tuesday through Thursday 7:00PM - 2:00AM; Friday 6:00PM - 3:00PM; Saturday 7:00PM - 2:00AM

Get ready to howl all night long at Howl at the Moon, the music and drinks hall that keeps DTKS dancing with its high-energy music, talented musicians and dance floor. Check out their long list of ginormous cocktails, which include 86oz buckets of booze that are made for sharing. For showtimes and more information click here.  


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