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Santa Fe: A Truly Artistic Destination

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What is it about New Mexico's capital that makes is so magical, and such a hotbed of artists, artistic expression, and the creatively divine? This, the 2nd oldest city in the US, is also a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts. While much of the artwork in the region has been influenced by old Native American and Spanish traditions, newer artists have also contributed to the city's creative hotbed. Starting with the historic Pueblo-style style architecture lining the streets of the city, you'll be able to fill your senses with art and inspiration in any of the over 200 galleries across town. It's hard to choose favorites in a city so ripe with creative energy, but here are four interesting places to experience the art of Santa Fe!

House of Eternal Return 1

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kate Russell of the NY Times

Meow Wolf

1352 Rufina Cir

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 10:00AM - 8:00PM; Friday and Saturday 10:00AM - 10:00PM

The name Meow Wolf might strike you as odd (in the best way possible, of course), but wait til you get inside. In 2008, a group of more than 100 artists across different disciplines came together to collaborate on the creation of this psychedelic funhouse aimed at storytelling through an immersive, multimedia experience. With architects, sculptors, writers, painters, etc. all working on the project, their first permanent exhibit, the House of Eternal Return, opened in March 2016. Visitors work their way through a mystery involving a Victorian house, secret passageways, a number of different rooms, interactive light, musical objects and more. Can you solve it?

Jackalope 2

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Jackalope


2820 Cerrillos Rd

Open daily 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Simply put, the Jackalope is a home and gardening shop. Pretty ordinary, right? Well it's not as ordinary as it sounds! Darby McQuade founded the store in 1976 as a way to share his experiences as a globetrotter, and since then it has become "the spot" in Santa Fe for purchasing garden necessities and authentic home decor from places such as Mexico, India, Thailand, Bali, Africa, China and Egypt. Among the collection of items for sale, you will find international folk art, pottery sculpted from clay that's from a specific world region, handmade furniture and much more. The popular gallery and shop combo attracts more than 900,000 visitors annually. When you stop by make sure you take a picture with the iconic Jackalope statue outside!


Museum of International Folk Art 3

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Mike Fisher of Flickr

Museum of International Folk Art

706 Camino Lejo, On Museum Hill

Open daily from May through October 10:00AM - 5:00PM; November through April 10:00AM - 5:00PM (Tuesday through Sunday)

Folk art is often associated with textiles, costumes, ceramics, wood carvings, etc. but what makes it unusual and authentic? The Museum of International Folk Art can answer this question in more depth here, but at the heart of what defines each piece is the community it came from. Founded in 1953, the Museum has grown tremendously since then, exhibiting more than 130,000 examples of international folk and traditional arts dispersed among 5 different galleries: the Hispanic Heritage Wing and Contemporary Hispanic Gallery, the Girard Wing, the Neutrogena Wing, and the Gallery of Conscience. The Gerard Wing's long-term exhibition Multiple Visions: A Common Bond is an unofficial fan fave for its unorthodox showroom, featuring various art pieces that are hanging from the ceiling at different heights and bold areas of color used to define sections of the exhibit.

Liquid Light Glass 4

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Liquid Light Glass

Liquid Light Glass

926 Baca St. Ste 3

Open Monday through Friday 10:00AM - 5:00PM; Saturday 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Dating back to the 1st century BC, glassblowing is not a new art form. However, contemporary artists have developed their own styles and techniques to differentiate their pieces among the rest. Liquid Light Glass is a glass gallery and studio owned by award-winning glass artist Elodie Holmes. While the team at the studio is made up of passionate glass blowing enthusiasts, the gallery also features international guest artists. The studio also invites visitors to witness glassblowing in action and even offers classes. For more information, click here.


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