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Unique McDonald's Around the Globe

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The ubiquitous golden arches of McDonald's are easily recognized across the globe. While there is commonality among all, many places have localized the chain, adding different cultural options to the menu. Check out the 5 most unique locations where you can eat at Mickey D's but still dine like a local!

Azerbaijan 1

Photo Credit: McDonald's In Azerbaijan


Situated at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe, Azerbaijan has adopted the bright yellow "M," but has opted for their own take on the McDonald's menu, featuring local flat bread called tendir. The Tako Roll is a burger rolled in this flat bread, and Tendir Pendir is filled with a fresh cheese similar to farmers cheese.

Japan 2

Photo Credit: Gurakoro Burger | Japan


As a culture, Japan famously enjoys adapting elements from all over the world into their own and adding a dash of Japanese flavor. It's no surprise to learn that the famed McDonald's menu also reflects this trend. Head to the Golden Arches for the Teriyaki Burger or a Gurakoro Burger, featuring a fried shrimp and creamy macaroni croquette with lettuce on a bun (pictured).

The American chain also plays a different cultural role in Japan. While Americans often indulge in McDonald's for lunch or dinner, local Japanese diners come to the 'Golden Arches' between meals, to indulge in a quick snack and meetup with friends -- because locals don't eat a whole Big Mac by themselves!

Israel 3

Photo Credit: Photo by Huffington Post


As a country, Israel boasts one of the most healthful cuisines in the world, rich in farm fresh vegetables, salads, and fruit. It's no surprise that diners who frequent McDonald's in Israel enjoy a healthier menu compared to those in North America. While most Americans don't often think of this chain eatery when they want a salad, locals in this country can choose from 18 different salads, including a freshly-made Israeli salad with crunch cucumbers and juicy tomatoes!

The chain says that in recent years, they've successfully reduced fat from unprocessed meat from 18 percent to 9 percent, eliminated trans fats from its French fries, cut saturated fats from its fried food by two-thirds, and reduced sugar and sodium in all of its offerings. Due to kosher dietary rules, burgers are made without cheese, and bread is kosher for Passover. Kebabs and vegan corn sticks are also on the menu.    

New Zealand 4

Photo Credit: Mcdonald's Taupo | Photo by Great Lakes Taupo

New Zealand

Next door to the local McDonald's in Taupo, New Zealand, an abandoned decommissioned DC3 aircraft sat for 24 years, so restaurant owner Eileen Byrne decided to repurpose the plane as a seating area for her customers. Built in 1943, the aircraft is a perfect place to tuck into a Georgie Pie, filled with savory minced steak and cheese. Dessert also seems to be a New Zealand specialty at Mickey D's: order up a Cadbury Créme Egg McFlurry, donut balls, and other surprises.

Le Croque McDo 5

Photo Credit: Le Croque McDo


Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction, Jules, famously points out that in France, the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese is actually called a Royale With Cheese, because you know, metric system. When you're in Paris, you might also try the Croque McDo, a simple take on the Croque Monsieur grilled with ham and emmental cheese.

Hong Kong 6

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: McDonald's HK

Hong Kong

Hong Kong's McDonald's diners opt for a different type of dish to start their day. For breakfast, locals can order carb-tastic soups such as the Sausage N' Egg Twisty Pasta or the delicious-looking Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta.

To keep with their innovative theme, McDonald's HK gives diners the the option to "CREATE YOUR TASTE™," which allows patrons to choose exactly what they want on their burger, and also what they want their burger served on! Check out #createyourowntastehk on Instagram to see how some locals like their Mickey D's, ranging from sourdough buns to lettuce wraps, and fried chicken to juicy burger patties.


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