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Magical Destinations Around The Globe

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A wise man once said that travel could heal any ill. Magical destinations exist all over the globe that engage visitors with stunning natural beauty and a mysterious ability to soothe the soul. Whether you seek an epic adventure, a historic journey back in time, or a relaxing visit with Mother Nature, it's all just a plane ride away! From mineral baths in Tuscany to star gazing in Quebec, we've rounded up a list of our favorite extraordinary destinations here.   

Machu Picchu 1

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, which means "Old Mountain," is one of the most well-preserved Incan cities and a masterpiece of architecture. In 1983, this 15th-century citadel was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors annually as Peru’s most visited tourist attractions. Today, Machu Picchu remains sacred and powerful, and many seize the opportunity to engage in meditations and connect to a spiritual world at this holy place.

Angkor Wat 2

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Another spiritually divine destination is the Temple City of Angkor, the largest religious monument in the world. Built in the 12th century during the Golden Age of the Khmer Empire of Southeast Asia, this sprawling complex is a maze of ancient ruins that spreads across 400 acres. Curious travelers come from all corners of the globe to visit the most popular temples, including Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Phrom, and Angkor Thom. Bring your camera; the silhouette of Angkor Wat will take your breath away under the orange light at sunrise, and you'll be able to capture unforgettable images! Also, Angkor is only a few miles away from the fascinating city of Siem Reap, a perfect destination to experience Cambodia.

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Saturnia Hot Springs 3

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Saturnia Hot Springs

Right in the middle of Tuscany lies Saturnia, Italy, a tiny hilltop town that caters to locals who come for the healing waters of the local thermal baths. The warm, sulphurous waters of Saturnia have been praised for its healing properties since Roman times. Legend holds that the Roman God Saturnus, annoyed by constant fights among humans, sent a thunderbolt to earth that created a magic spring of healing waters which would pacify mankind.

Trip Tip: Saturnia is just 2-hours south (by car) of the medieval walled city of Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so pack your swimsuit and rent a car!

South Stack 4

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If your idea of magic is rooted in mysticism, history, and the Welsh legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, then a trip to Wales should be on your list. While there, check out the largest island of Wales -- Anglesey. Much of the coastline has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), which protects the distinctive, attractive and varied landscapes from inappropriate development. The AONB also encompasses Holyhead Mountain where you can visit the South Stack lighthouse, rumored to be haunted by its 1853 keeper Jack Jones. Mr. Jones died tragically on his way to the lighthouse on the night of one of Anglesey's greatest storms, and his spirit supposedly lingers here. Marvel at the amazing seascape, with magnificent views of the Lleyn Peninsula and Bardsey Island, which makes South Stack one of Anglesey's must-see destinations!

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Observatory 5

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Mont-Mégantic National Park

As the song goes, "when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything you desire will come to you." Where's a (shooting) star when you need one?

At the Mont-Mégantic National Park in Quebec, Canada, earth and outer-space come together yielding a truly magical experience for anyone who visits this marvelous destination. With mountains, valleys, ridges and hills, the park has an impressive natural environment, but the real star of the show is the astronomical observatory that is dedicated to the public every afternoon during the summer. While the observatory is exclusively used for research in the evenings, there are a few nights during The Astronomy Festival when park visitors are given the uncommon opportunity to gaze upon the splendors of the galaxy through telescopes. The low ambient light makes for perfect star-gazing, and you'll be sure to spot a shooting star that, according to Greek Astronomer Ptolemy, will make all your wishes come true!

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