Tokyo Tower

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Tokyo Tower

Lots of us think this emoji is just an orange Eiffel Tower, but it's actually Tokyo Tower, a communications and observations structure near the popular public space Shiba Park. Modeled after the Parisian landmark, the Tokyo Tower reigns high above the city at a tremendous 333 meters (1092.52 feet), and offers two observatories -- the Special Observatory (about 820 feet) with an unobstructed bird's-eye view of the whole city and the Main Observatory (about 492 feet) with the "Lookdown Window," a glass floor overlooking the city. We mustn't forget about the lights! Head over at dusk to marvel at the glimmering tower against the night sky; it shines until midnight.

Did you know that "emoji" comes from Japanese meaning "picture character"? In fact, those little smiley faces and tiny bowls of food we've come to rely on when we're texting all our friends actually originated in Japan in the 90's; some of the emoticons actually have corresponding, real life locations in Asia. 

Now that 'smiley-face', 'high-five' and 'meh-face' are taking their own wild "app-venture" in the new blockbuster, The Emoji Movie, it's high time we hit the road and find the actual Japanese landmarks represented by some of our favorite pictograms. Click through and travel across Japan with a few of our favorite tiny icons.

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