Exploring Arthur Avenue

Mike's Deli

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Think Manhattan's Little Italy is the original one? Fuggedaboutit! It's actually Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, also one of the "Great Streets Of America"!

  • Madonia Brothers Bakery
  • Prince's Coffee House
  • Arthur Avenue Retail Market
  • Morrone Pastry Shop & Cafe

The American Planning Association, dedicated to the field of urban planning, recently named Arthur Avenue in the Bronx one of 2016's "Great Streets of America," because of its perfect mix of cultural and commercial, and its rich Italian heritage and history that makes the street absolutely one of the best destinations in New York City.

Some New York natives are quick to point out that Arthur Avenue should be acknowledged as the "real Little Italy;" the Italian immigrant history that began in 1950's is still strong today. While new shops occasionally pop up, the originals--from cannoli stands to pasta shops to butchers--are going strong, having been passed down through generations of families still living in the neighborhood. Whether you're looking for Olive Bread, fresh mozzarella or cannolis, Arthur Avenue doesn't miss a beat when it comes to delivering authentic Italian goods and much more.

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