Dodger Stadium mid-game with the Chicago Cubs
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Dodgers Stadium: What to Know Before You Visit

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Dodgertown USA, a ballpark so famous it has its own zipcode. Whether you're a lifelong fan, Los Angeles native, or it's your first visit, we've rounded up a quick list that is sure to help you get every last bit out of your Dodgers experience.

Dodgers Stadium and Los Angeles Skyline at night 1

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Dodger Stadium

Doger Stadium Official Site

1000 Elysian Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(323) 224-1507

Constructed from 1959 to 1962, Dodgers Stadium is the third oldest Major League Baseball stadium behind Chicago’s Wrigley Field, built in 1916, and Boston’s Fenway Park, which finished its original construction in 1912. 


The Short Stop during the Dance Yrself Clean 2

Photo Credit: The Short Stop Facebook Page

The Short Stop

The Short Stop Facebook

1455 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Open daily 5PM-2PM

The Short Stop is a popular drinking spot for Dodgers fans, both before and after the big game. One part dive bar and one part dance club, this Los Angeles watering hole offers everything from cheap beers and extended happy hours to lounges, pool tables, arcade games, and Dodgers games on repeat (because, of course!) 

Dodger Dog 3

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The Dodger Dog

Need to grab a quick bite during the 7th inning stretch? Why not go for the classic Dodger Dog, which happens to be the most sold hot dog sold throughout all major league ballparks. If you want to mix up your hot dog from the standard mustard and relish, Dodger Stadium offers a wide variety of franks, not to mention their tradition of customizing a hot dog in favor of the visiting team.

Dodger Stadium 4

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Big League Sluggers Beware

Since Dodger Stadium is only about 20 miles from the Pacific ocean, sluggers may face the issue of a would be home run dying just short of the mark. As the ocean quickly cools the sky at night, the air becomes very dense, making it much harder to hit a homerun under the lights, rather than during the day.

Guisados Preparation 5

Photo Credit: Guisados


541 S. Spring St. # 101
Los Angeles CA, 90013

Open Mondays-Thursdays* 10:30AM-11PM; Fridays-Saturdays 10:30AM-1:30AM; Sundays 9AM-5PM

*On every second Thursday of the month, this establishment closes at 1:30am for DTLA ArtWalk.

If you need some food to soak up those extra-inning beers, stop by Guisados for some of the best tacos downtown Los Angeles has to offer. With fresh made corn tortillas stuffed with slow roasted meats and at only $2.75 apiece, you can’t beat what this hotspot restaurant has to offer. 


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